Water Damage Restoration in Austin TX

Expert Water Damage Repair Austin TX

When your home suffers water damage, whether it be from a flood, a storm, or a small leak, a fast response is critical. ATEX Water Damage Restoration the experienced and most trusted
water damage restoration in Austin can have your house dry and livable in a short time. Our trained technicians have the equipment and expertise it takes to remove mold, remove water from your home or office and dry and restore the affected area. When disaster strikes, there are steps you can take while waiting for a restoration company to arrive that may save you some repairs.

What You Can Do About Water Damage

• Turn off the source of water if there is a leak.
• Mop and blot to remove as much water as possible.
• Wipe water off of wood surfaces.
• Remove all furniture pillows and cushions, and prop or hang them up for quick drying.
• Protect furniture legs from wet carpet by laying down aluminum foil.
• Turn on the AC to help to dry.
• Open any wet drawers and cabinets to air out.
• Move any precious belongings to a safe place.
• Keep children and pets away from damaged areas.
• Do not leave any belongings on wet floors.
• Unplug all electrical appliances.

What We Do for Water Damage:

• Damage Assessment
• Water Extraction
Wet Carpet Removal and Restoration
• Dehumidification
• Packing Services
• Contents Restoration including documents, papers, and photos
• Preservation

In many cases, the entire property is not plagued by water damage, the damage is only in specific areas. Sometimes even seemingly unaffected regions of a building can suffer water damages. Belongings such as books may absorb the moisture escaping into the air, causing them to grow mold. ATEX’s excellent team of restoration specialists can help you seal off unaffected areas of your property to prevent further damage to your possessions.

Restoration Process

Our construction and restoration follow a step by step process when it comes to repairing water damage. This ensures that everything is taken care of in as little time as possible.

Our Process:

• The first thing we do is assess all damages so we may give you an estimate.
• Next, we remove any water from the building to prevent further damage.
• We then search for mold or possible mold dangers and treat these before any of your family or employees get sick.
• Then, we perform the drying process with air and dehumidifiers.
• Lastly, we monitor the property to ensure we remove all the water successfully dry out the affected area.

You Found Mold In Your Austin Home

How to Get Rid Of Mold

Have you noticed some forms of growth developing in the crevices between the tiles in your bathroom walls or kitchen counter? Have you been scrubbing ever so frequently but still these dark growths seem to keep coming back? Don’t you wish there was a way that you can get rid of them? If you replied a yes to any of the above questions, then you are may be suffering from water damage in Austin. If you are unable to get it under control yourself you’ll need to call a professional Austin water damage restoration contractor to do a mold remediation. Here is some information that can help you regarding this type of problem in your home.

Basic Information About Molds

First, to deal effectively with these creatures, you need to know some of the basics about the organism. What exactly are these microscopic menaces that are starting to invade your home? Are they dangerous? We commonly call them molds, but in scientific terms, they are classified as a form of fungus. In the living world, the kingdom of fungi is a classification that is very much different from plants as well as animals. Fungi, like the molds that grow on your tiles, reproduce by means of spores and have no methods by which they produce their own food. They obtain their nutrition from decaying matter. They also adore places that have the right amount of moisture and temperature.

Austin Mold Remediation

Mold Can Cause Health Problems

Regarding the question of how dangerous molds can be, although some species of fungi can cause deadly and infectious diseases, this kind of molds does not. However, the spores that they release when they are reproducing, Cause some people to have asthmatic attacks or allergic reactions upon inhalation of the spores. This is why keeping your home mold-free should be a top priority. You should contact a doctor right away if any allergic or feverish symptoms are noticed on children or other members of the family.

You can Clean up Small Areas of Mold

Here are some useful tips to note: because mold loves damp and moist places, check all your pipes and drainage to detect any leaks. If found, repair these leaks right away, and remove any wood panels, pipes, or tiles that have been seriously damaged by the molds. For small mold colonies growing on tabletops, counter-tops, or wall tiles, you can use a disinfectant such as bleach with water. Do this mold clean up regularly and keep the areas as dry as possible after each use. This prevents the mold from coming back and producing more spores that can cause allergies. Find out more about household remedies for treating molds, and start making your home a mold-free and clean environment today.