Protecting Workers, Bystanders, and the Environment On Active Construction Sites

There are numerous areas that can be considered as safety concerns on everyday construction sites. These safety concerns typically are considered to be a risk to the workers themselves. While most work site injuries or fatalities occurring on construction sites tend to be workers themselves, there are also risks to bystanders and to town at large.


Falls from heights are often one of the first dangers thought of in a construction zone. While most falls can be prevented using proper safety harnesses, there must also be barricades or other barriers to prevent falls whenever feasible. These injuries are predominant to the workers.

Falling objects

Objects or debris falling from above – whether it be at the hands of another worker or from equipment. Protective headwear should be worn constantly on an active construction zone. These injuries can affect both workers or bystanders.

Electrical accidents

Even changing an easy light bulb on a site can prove deadly, and did in 1988 when a man was changing a bulb and came into contact with a live wire, instantly delivering a fatal electrocuting shock. Electrical accidents also often affect workers more than bystanders. Anytime¬†a property has water¬†damage it’s important to disconnect the electricity at the meter

Equipment failure

When a bit of heavy equipment fails, there might be serious consequences to the workers on the site, bystanders, the structure, vehicles, etc. Proper maintenance of all equipment and proper safety training is important to reduce the chances of accidents occurring due to equipment failure or mishandling. Accidents of this nature are equally likely to affect the site, workers or bystanders.

Environmental concerns

While most of these causes of injury can be serious and fatal, there is an additional concern for safety on a construction site. Here is the environmental impact of your website and ways that the construction can impact the neighborhood. This can be by adding noise, chemicals, exposure to harmful substances (like asbestos or lead in building renovation or upgrades), or by debris entering the waterways surrounding the construction site.