Three Steps to Improve Construction Site Safety

You will find three major issues that every construction site faces whenever using water safety. These are regulated by most communities plus the Environmental Protection Agency. To guard the water supply surrounding a construction site, measure must be taken to control contaminated wastewater runoff, sediment control, and erosion control. Each one of these can be harmful to the environment.

Contaminated runoff control

There are many substances that can enter the waste water runoff coming from an energetic construction site. These can sometimes include: motor oil (from heavy machinery that may leak), gasoline, paint, paint thinners, or other noxious chemicals. These spill should be cleaned up and the contaminated soil properly disposed of immediately with a trained construction worker following already established HAZ-MAT directions. If these chemicals enter the water that runs off of the site, the result may be contamination of the water supply for the community in particular and/or kill plants or animals living in or around the streams, rivers, lakes, and so forth

Sediment control

When grading of a site occurs, the underlying and newly exposed layers of soil are specifically prone to be carried away with any water that passes over the surface. In wet months or rainy climates, this is of a greater concern. Sediment can change the dynamics of the neighboring streams, rivers and lakes and will harm the flow of water over time. These artificial sedimentary dams can be quite damaging to the environment as a whole and care should be taken to protect newly graded land from being washed away, especially during rainy seasons when extortionate water runoff can wreck havoc on the drainage. Street flooding around construction sites can be caused by improper preventative measures being taken or an inlet filter system that is not being properly maintained.

Erosion control

Along with the dilemma of water carrying excess sediment, causing damming or changing the face of the water system, the opposite can occur. Construction grading activities and a rainstorm can cause the newly graded soil to erode. This could potentially cause a requirement for added fill dirt or re-grading the soil.

All these activities are inter-related inside their eventual effects on the environmental surroundings and each can be addressed using a very effective tool, an inlet filter, that will filter sediment, can control and contain contaminant chemicals and collect debris from runoff that naturally happens at a construction site. These filters are economical solutions to a significant problem for active construction sites.