Top Safety Concerns on Construction Sites

Every single day, there are thousands of active construction sites in the United States and thousands and thousands of workers working on these sites. Construction has long been considered the most dangerous industry by which to work statistically. One in ten career construction professionals have been injured inside their daily work. This is far higher than the injury rates for some professions which are perceived by the general public as extremely dangerous, such as fire fighting, police work and military work.

In spite of the risk, the construction industry keeps growing in 26 states according to a recent estimate. There are numerous dangers on a construction site, most of which can be prevented, while others are simply unfortunate accidents. The most common injury-causing risks on a construction site include: falls, hazardous materials, burns off, electrical accidents, heavy machinery malfunction and improper employee training or poor communication.

Care should be taken with prevention of accidents. Scaffolding is one of the highest risks in terms of falling accidents. When scaffolding falls, not only are the workers working on the scaffolding in danger, so are the surrounding property and people who may be on the ground nearby the scaffolding. In spite of the best efforts to control scaffolding accidents, by prevention and following all guidelines, there is always the chance for a flue accident with gusts of winds or other acts of God that can cause injuries or fatalities.

It goes without saying that proper equipment should be used by all workers and that heavy machinery should be regularly inspected and maintained to prevent accidents from occurring. These walkthroughs can be life saving. The added cost of these inspections may be negligible considering the annual costs of workman’s comp claims from accidents, fines for improper safety practices, or lawsuits from workers or others injured on web sites. However , many construction businesses have multiple violations of those safety issues regularly.

Perhaps one of the most surprising statistics involves probably the greatest risk for construction site safety that the industry faces currently. There exists a larger risk for illegal immigrants to be injured on a worksite. This really is thought to be because of the pressure felt by immigrants to create a living, the lack of proper training on the site, improper equipment or safety gear being worn and a lack of communication between workers and their supervisors. Complicating matters is the fears that undocumented workers feel when working and the very fact that they are far less likely to report safety concerns.